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Traditional Bronze Patination, Polishing, Plating & BMA Finishing

The term 'patina' varies widely in its use, the majority of patination undertaken by Arts Heritage is for bronze and brass.

​Natural Patinas on non-ferrous metals are often created through exposure to weathering. Sometimes this layer of natural corrosion can form unevenly resulting in the deterioration of the surface and the need for remedial conservation and artificial re-patination. Artificial patinas are achieved traditionally by the application of cold or hot chemicals to create a thin layer of corrosion to produce a wide range of colour. the artificial patina is generally given a protective coating to preserve the finish. Other finishes: A wide range of finishes is possible, such as cosmetic patinas applied by non corrosive pigmented waxes,  polishing or plating. Castings may be plated in chrome, silver, gold, nickel, copper etc.  Sometimes bronze can be painted as an alternative to patination.

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