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The majority of remedial conservation work we undertake is a result of poor maintenance practice. Establishing a regular program of care and maintenance is vital to prevent and control corrosion and the discolouration of patinas.

We design and implement practical maintenance programs for private clients and institutions on outdoor sculpture and architectural metalwork. We understand the need to be flexible and discreet when working within a busy and public environment and our team can undertake scheduled maintenance outside of the regular working hours.

The rapid deterioration of outdoor metalwork and bronze statuary is often the result of poor maintenance.


Both artificial and natural patinas are susceptible to the elements and the original wax or lacquer coating becomes impregnated with dirt and debris retaining moisture and harmful particulates that can eventually lead to costly remedial works.


Protective coatings should be maintained and re-applied while removing the preceding reminisce of the perished layers. Regular maintenance also provides the opportunity to examine and document the surface keeping an eye on corrosion and damage.


Poor maintenance

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