Arts Heritage draws its experience in practical conservation to develop detailed Conservation Management Plans. Preserving valuable cultural heritage while investigating the fabric, history, community involvement and research potential.


We undertake every project to the highest standard. Our project managers have experience in a wide range of projects. Our processes are aimed at minimising risk to cultural heritage and the conservation team while delivering the project on time and within budget. We have incorporated specialist technology and equipmet into our recording and reporting structures. 


The majority of projects begin with an initial condition assessment. Our condition surveys are systematic and precise. We gather as much information as possible and regularly work with specialists in other fields, such as stone, glass or wood conservation, to build a complete picture of the problems. Condition surveys are necessary tools for developing and managing long-term programmes of care. Condition surveys assess metalwork as they are now and have been developed to:


  • Build a general idea of the state of the structure and the current environmental conditions affecting it

  • Gather evidence of how the metalwork was originally constructed

  • Determine the materials from which the metalwork was made

  • Determine the condition of the metalwork itself


  • Identify any coatings and determine the state and material

  • Identify deterioration and damage, and if possible trace them back to their causes


Our specialists will usually be able to identify a metal from its appearance, age, the way it was formed and its structure. Occasionally it may be necessary to use equipment such as XRF analysis, a non-destructive technique to identify more complex materials and special alloys.