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Kensal Green Cemetery

The Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery  and Arts Heritage are undertaking a voluntary project to conserve over a 150 listed monuments.  With the help of students from the of University of Birkbeck, City & Guilds and other volunteers. There is a large amount of work to be done and if you are interested in joining us please get in contact.

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The pilot project started off with archaeology students from the University of Birckbeck. The volunteers surveyed 20 newly listed monuments in the bitter cold (and snow!) of January and February 2013.


The condition surveys created have been added to a growing database and will aid in the future conservation of the monuments.


The on-site work was counted towards their degree by the university and as the projects first volunteers a special thanks them and to Professor Tim Reynolds for his help in getting the project going.




We found a great quantity of small carvings, headstones and plaques in the catacombs beneath the Anglican Chapel. Albert and Rui of AA Conservation generously gave their time and expertise as well as braving the depths of the catacombs to find interesting and challenging objects to be conserved by the students for their final year degree projects. 


Stone Conservators

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